State of the art overhaul kits for Volvo Penta...

Using overhaul kits is the easiest way to recondition your engine.

Overhaul kits are available for all Volvo Penta engines. They contain all the components, which we know from our many years' experience, should be replaced when reconditioning your boat's engine.

Reconditioning your engine can often be stressful and take a lot of time. But our overhaul kits contain everything you'll need so the job can be done quickly and easily with no added stress.

Two types of kit are available...

The basic kit:

Basic overhaul kits contain...

  •     Cylinder liner kit
  •     Main bearing kit
  •     Big-end bearing kit
  •     Thrust washers
  •     Gasket kits

The comprehensive kit:

Comprehensive overhaul kits contain all components of the basic kit plus...

  •     Inlet valves
  •     Exhaust valves
  •     Valve seals
  •     Valve lifters
  •     Tappets
  •     Injectors
  •     Injector sleeves
  •     Turbocharger
  •     Repair kits for both oil and water pumps
For more information on overhaul kits, how to use them, and the benefits of reconditioning an engine, please feel free to contact us.
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